Glue-free magnetic false eyelashes: for a pretty look

Magnetic false eyelashes are excellent alternatives to classic false eyelashes to magnify your eyes. They are easy to apply and last much longer without glue. Discover these new seduction accessories that allow you to display pretty doe eyes and to sublimate your make-up.

In addition, the false magnetic eyelashes are handmade and the material used is free of nickel, lead and cadmium. In principle, synthetic fibres are used. Their lightweight design makes you forget that you are wearing false eyelashes. They also give a more natural result with a minimum six months of reuse, so they are anti-ageing.

 For an eye shadow effect after your lashes, try a pencil or liner line at the outer corners of the eyes. The artificial pairs of your lash extension will adhere well to the eye contour. The base of the lashes will completely fuse together. Avoid rubbing the eyes when you wear them so you won't have any unpleasant surprises later.

Magnetic false eyelashes are easily positioned by hand or with an applicator directly on the natural lashes. Of course, it is essential to make several attempts before getting it right, but once the technique is mastered, the application of false magnetic eyelashes becomes child's play, even for beginners.

Glue-free magnetic false eyelashes: the advantages

If nature has not endowed you with long, curved and full eyelashes, there is a solution. Give your eyes a more feminine and subtly more elegant look with magnetic false eyelashes. Your eyelashes are densified in all circumstances, for an evening or every day. You can peel them off whenever you like and reuse them as many times as you like.


Unlike classic false eyelashes with glue, apply magnetic extensions in three movements without risk to the eyes. Also, unlike synthetic false lashes, glued strand by strand, and whose application requires an appointment at a beauty salon, magnetic false lashes are easy to handle at home.


Display a beautiful and natural look without breaking your piggy bank or spending a lot of time in front of your mirror. You need to know, to enhance your eyes, opt for magnetic lasheswhich in a few seconds give volume to your lashes and lengthen your look. You can use them as many times as you want as long as you don't damage them.

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Magnetic False Lashes

Our magnetic false eyelashes have 3 magnets for a better hold and easier application. They are long and handmade for a more natural look.

Magnetic false eyelashes: try it and you'll be conquered.

The ease of installation without the use of chemicals is one of the main advantages of the false eyelashes. They hold perfectly on the lashes thanks to a patented magnetic technology. The risk of irritation is therefore almost non-existent since this type of false eyelashes remain fixed to the edge of the eyelids. Thanks to the magnets placed at the inner and outer corners of the eye.

 Applying a strip of false eyelashes with a magnet is as simple as putting on perfume. With an eyelash curler, the method is easy to use by placing them on the upper and lower lashes without using a special glue. A cosmetic product is not necessary (castor oil). Moreover you can even more sublimate the inner corner of the eye by opting for an eyelash mascara (waterproof mascara).

The natural lashes then remain intact, and the risk of eye allergies, often caused by glue, is eliminated. You will not feel any pinching on the eyelids, nor a feeling of heaviness.

If you want to have a bold velvet look, simply place the false eyelashes magnetized on the natural lashes, the magnetic strips positioned downwards. If you use a false eyelash applicator, make sure to hold it horizontally by inserting the false eyelashes.


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Magnetic false eyelashes: the art of choosing them well

In order to obtain the desired results, it is essential to know how to choose reusable magnetic false eyelashes. The first criterion of choice must be the shape of your eyes. If you have small eyes or drooping eyelids, it is advisable to opt for long false eyelashes to optimize the stretching of your eyes and to enhance your look. If you have larger, round eyes, choose long, thick false eyelashes with thicker strands in the centre than towards the outside.

 The tweezers won't help you as long as you have an eyelash curler. Your beautician will be out of work as soon as you have understood the principle of the eyelash curler.

People with deeper eyes ideally choose longer false eyelashes to enhance their look. You can also choose your magnetic false eyelashes according to the material of manufacture. Natural hairs are obviously preferable for a successful result, so avoid depilation before application.

Moreover, the size of the false eyelashes is also a criterion of choice to be taken into account if you want this natural and glamorous effect.


If you want a more sophisticated result, opt for the "full" false lashes that are placed over the entire upper lash line. For a discreet doe eye effect, choose the half false lashes that apply to the outer corner of the eye.


You will find on Magnetic false eyelashes with 3 points of magnets that guarantee perfect hold and perfect make-up according to the shape of your eyes and the result you want to achieve. Choose from our brands London, Roma, Paris, Milano, magnetic false eyelashes to make you look even more beautiful naturally.

How do I put on false eyelashes?

To apply false eyelashes, simply clip them on top of each other. Start by placing the first false lash above your lashes with the magnetic strip down. Then clip the second false lash with the magnetic strip up under your lower lashes. A little help will not be necessary if you have understood the principle.

For a more natural result, apply false eyelashes without adhesive. Afterwards, you can give an intense tone by applying mascara or simple make-up. Another technique for applying magnetic false lashes is the use of eyeliner. Your eyeliner will contain tiny magnets to keep the magnetic side of your false lashes.

To enlarge these small lashes, the false eyelash effect mascara is not always satisfactory. A demarcation with a natural look requires the use of magnetic lashes for a desired effect. Blue, brown or any colour eyes, your curved lashes and a touch of transparent mascara in the blink of an eye, admire the beauty of the look given by magnetic lashes.

How do you remove false eyelashes?

To remove your false eyelashes, nothing could be easier. Simply hold them with your two fingers and slide them to the side. The advantage of our false eyelashes is that you won't damage your natural lashes. No need for glue or cleaning products.

Make-up removal will be done as usual without abusing cosmetic products. In order to avoid dark circles, please take the time to remove permanent make-up and mascara with a cotton bud and a dissolving product.

Or buy false eyelashes?

We offer a collection of magnetic false eyelashes according to the style and image you wish to return. Simply choose the false eyelashes you are interested in, add them to the shopping cart, and order directly online. Don't worry, the payment is 100% secure.


Multi-layered tufts, Russian volume or a natural doe eye effect, our magnetic false eyelashes are quality products at low prices. They are light and their thickness varies according to the model chosen. From the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner, the magnets adhere effectively and are easy to peel off for a few seconds.